We fully understand the labor market needs in Romania and offer you customized and fast solutions. We provide a simplified recruitment process for Arab labor, transparency, and adaptation to your company's needs.


About us

  • Our company specializes in professional training and human resource development for qualification and employment. Our mission is to provide high-quality professional training and skill development for qualified and talented Egyptian workers, while promoting equal opportunities and ensuring legal accommodation services within Romania.

  • We highly value honesty, respect, collaboration, and innovation. We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Our vision is to become the top company in professional training, skill development, and human resources for qualification and employment from Egypt to work in Romania, being the preferred choice for clients in search of qualified and talented workers.

  • To achieve this vision, we offer a positive and motivating work environment that promotes innovation and growth. We apply the best practices and international standards in training and human resource management. We aim to expand our services to clients worldwide, achieving more success and accomplishments in an ethical and responsible manner, in accordance with laws and regulations.

  • Our values revolve around our commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards, with a focus on quality, transparency, respect, collaboration, and social responsibility. We work diligently to provide the best services and achieve the best results, offering detailed and honest information to clients and workers alike. We respect the rights of our clients.

Our principles

We offer skilled and unskilled Arab workers who add value in various fields such as construction, agriculture, housekeeping, manufacturing, and others.

Speed & efficiency

Speed & efficiency

Quality & professionalism

We are aware of the high need for staff or staff turnover for businesses in Romania. We quickly and efficiently recruit Arab workers to meet your requirements.

With over 2300 Arab workers placed in almost 175 Romanian companies, we are a reliable partner in recruiting Arab staff. We take care of the entire recruitment process for you.